Happy Sweet 16 Birthday Yahoo Mail !!!

Happy 16th birthday Yahoo Mail!!!!

In an unorthodox move by Yahoo, they finally decided to jump into the 21 century. Sadly, they omitted the P-Diddy style Super-sweet-sixteen-party and opted for a more conservative celebration, by unveiling their new YAHOO mail layout.

The new redesign was simultaneously rolled out October 9, on both web and for apps on Andriod, iOS and Windows 8. However, there’s something very gmail-ish with this new layout…hummm.. They say “copying” is form of flattery, but I doubt the heads over at Google see it that way. Unfortunately, Google has also received a lot of backlash from users lately regarding their new inbox layout and this might just be the perfect time for Yahoo Mail redesign to appear.

However, I don’t believe Gmail has anything to worry about, given they hold more then 425 million monthly users and Yahoo only a mere 100 million daily users. Nonetheless, YAHOO is far from retiring and can probably do a good job at converting those frustrated gmail users into Yahoo Mail users.

The "C" word no one likes.
The “C” word no one likes.

The “C’ word no one likes

That’s right, “CHANGE”.Even those who love emerging technologies don’t like it when you mess with their personal items. Yes, emails are personal, not just their content, but their user- interface-preferences. So what has yahoo changed exactly?

    • A new wardrobe for one: Well not actually clothing, but Yahoo Mail now includes more then two dozen themes and images taken from Flickr. It also uses algorithms to pick out colours from those images and changes the hues of buttons and text labels throughout the user interface.
    • Capping storage to 1 terabyte: This means you have enough email storage to last you 6, 000 years.
    •  The images have been given a face-lift and upgraded for those high-resolution screens.
    • Organization: Messages are now threaded conversations and can be expanded inside the inbox. This will now give users the ability to quickly navigate to a recent message from a conversation, without having to search for numerous messages.
    • Magnifying glass: Clicking this feature will allow you to view every message sent from that person.
    • New compose screen: Probably Yahoo Mails best feature, it’s a rectangular white card that hovers over the inbox, its clean, crisp and simple.
    • And for all you email advertisers and marketers, links in Spam folder have finally been re-enabled: This means no more image maps.
New yahoo compose screen
New yahoo compose screen.

So now that Yahoo mail is all grown up, I can’t help but reminisce of the good old days of email. Still, like any proud parent who’s invested 16 years into rearing its offspring. I’m sure the folks over at Yahoo are confident, that this new redesign will capture that youth they so desperately seek and in return, produce more ad revenue.



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