Hola, I’m Gabriella Rapone

I’m NOT a guru.

I’m a marketing Analyst and Strategist.

What’s the difference?

I show you “How To Think” vs “What To Think”.

Having sent over 100 million email marketing messages. I know what it takes to get your emails Opened, clicked and delivered to Inbox.
But it doesn’t stop there; I also help build Facebook Fan Pages for brands looking to engage more people, helping build a loyal following and a culture that is UNIQUE to your brand.

Like I helped an Social Media Influence Reach 17 Million People, For Less Than $99.

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My expertise is Engagement.

I LOVE Statistics and understanding “how to Engage” is ALL in the statistics.  You just need to know how to read them.

My ability to Analyze stats is just one of the many ways I can quickly help solve email problems. Like poor open rates, clicks or worse, being kicked off an ESP.

I Provide Solutions.

Finding solutions to problems is my life, and I LOVE IT. Having spent over 10 years in the online industry. I have never faced a problem,  I could NOT fix.

Want to test my problem solving skills? Contact me here

So How Did I Get Here ?

I was 26, freshly graduated, blinded by love and scammed out of $30,000. I was desperate to save my sanity and my name. So I took a job, I hated to pay a 30k debt that wasn’t mine.
At the time it seemed like a death sentence, but it turned out to be the BEST thing that ever happened to me.

Life lesson #13 You may have to fight more than once to win

I can still remember the day they presented me with my BA in Economics.

It was May 7, 2005. It was a beautiful spring day, spring was in full bloom, and I busted out my shorts and sandals and headed to school for the last time EVER. I was nervous and excited there I was almost 3 years overdue finally picking up a degree I NEVER wanted but fought so hard for.

When the administrator handed over the 8×12 envelope with my diploma, I couldn’t believe how a piece of paper could hold so much value, and I don’t mean “formal education.”

The life lessons I learned through the struggles of rejection, suspension, and permanent denial was NOT an easy road.

Life lesson #11 When the world says “Give Up” Hope whispers “Try it one more time.”

I hated economics because it wasn’t what I wanted to do, my true passion was psychology. Understanding behaviors, what makes people act and react in a different situation and how to persuade them into doing something, they never thought possible. I also wanted the ability to retire at 40 years old.

So a career in clinical psychology was OUT of the questions. Always a problem solver I had to find a career that offered me the same level of directing human behavior while making boatloads of cash. Then I found it …


Wait gab didn’t you graduate in economics?

Yes, I did. Actually, I got rejected from the Marketing program and eventually got permanently denied. As unhappy as I was that day, it was the BEST rejection ever.

What I learned from economics was 100x more valuable, than just learning about “sales copy.”

Anyone can pick up a book and learn about the basic principles of marketing and master it. The true talent and challenge is being able to analyze the statistics, recognizing and identifying a pattern.

So when you’re marketing campaign fails and you need to adjust, you can optimize for success a lot faster .

So it’s safe to say that analyzing your stats, to solve problems by giving you a strategy to engage is how I  your business succeed.

So how can I help you grow your business today?

I can teach you how to make more money with email marketing, without sending more emails.

And I’m NOT just limited to email marketing.

No, I used the same engagement principals in email marketing and applied them to Facebook fan pages and I was amazed at the results. Helping improve Fan Pages by focusing on engagement allowed me to crush the competition.

Like the time I beat the UFC and got MILLIONS more views on a post. See Here

Everything I teach is ALL about understanding “how the machine work” vs. “What is working now, apply this hack.”

Because the online world changed daily. Email changes hourly and Facebook’s well.. just watch their stock prices, and you’ll see what happens to your page reach or your return on ad-spend. The stats never lie .

Now I have to warn you. I haven’t survived in a male-dominated industry for over 10 years, by being a pushover. I worked hard to gain the respect of my fellow peers with my ability to solve problems and my tenacity NEVER to back down when the going gets tough.

So you’ll have to work hard too while practicing patience, positivity, gratitude, respect and MORE patience, because email marketing, just like Facebook requires A LOT of it  .

So Work with me and let me help you