Gmails new layout and what it means to email marketers.

By now we’ve all experienced Gmails new tabbed interface and while many users aren’t phased by the new layout. Online marketers and advertiser are slowly feeling the pains that comes with dealing with google.

Google describes the new layout as a way to “put you (the user) back in control so that you can see what’s new at a glance and decided which emails you want to read and when” Wait a minute, I thought thats what filters and labels were for? Wrong, how can any ISP sleep soundly at night knowing that inbox placement is based on opt-ins and good sender reputation?  NO, Google believes that even though you bought a first class ticket, you’re going to sit in coach with the rest of the world.

So gmail upped-the-ante, so  let’s call their bluff.

Here are some interesting statistics for all those managing an email marketing campaigns: (gmail segmentation only)

  • 74% of most email are viewed via smart phone . Subsequently, 81% of those users are iPhone OS operated. Luckily, IMAP is unaffected by the new changes. Leaving only 19% of smart phone users, as  Android users.
  • 12% tablet users are comprised of 95% Apple users.
  • 12% of email viewed is via desktop.
  • 1% desktop email client.


smart phone breakdown
smart phone breakdown

Given the above, this should put your mind at ease a little. While, most online marketers & advertisers will see a significant decrease in opens approximately 3-5%, I urge you not to loose hope.

Here are a few suggestions

  • Segment – If you weren’t tracking fields, now is the time. Tracking opens, clicks, conversion by ISP and devices can help you better analyze patterns and behaviours for both recipients and ISP’s and help max ROI.
  • Data hygiene – While google has no whitelisting process in place, inbox placement has always been a combination of engagement, content and sending domain. This new “laxed” layout will surely affect engagement, therefore clean out your non-openers on a regular basis.
  • OPEN UP – Time to get creative and use use those alt tags for an added incentive. This may not get you into the “Primary tab” since that’s only reserved for 1:1 communication.  However, it will help with engagement. You may even consider dabbling with Mozify, just saying…..
  • Time sensitive campaign- You may want to reconsider that. While there are approximately 1 billion Gmail users, I don’t suggest revising your complete marketing campaign for one red-headed ISP. The new “laxed” layout, is causing many to miss your email upon delivery. Therefore, those 12-3pm fire-sales might see a decrease in sales. In that case make sure your ESP allows you to easily swap out links to a similar live campaign.

Ahhhh…now it’s clear…Tisk..tisk ..tisk Google

It’s not hard to see why Google decided to redesign their inbox. Tisk, Tisk, tisk Google, well at least they had the decency to add them to the “Promotions” tab and not “Primary”.

gmail ads
gmail ads
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