Customer retention and how to keep your email recipients as “actives”.

If you don’t run a daily deals site or a newsletter that offers daily or weekly emails. Trying to keep your engaged users “active” might prove to be a challenge, so what can you do? One word: INCENTIVE¬†

Below is an example of an “incentive.” While the subject line isn’t misleading, it’s defiantly hard to resist not opening it. Inside, I was surprised to find a purchase incentive disguised as credit for bad service. Huh? I don’t remember any bad service, but ok. ¬†While most consumers wouldn’t think twice, I must commend this advertiser BRAVO!!! They’re using good old psychology to appeal to their consumers by expressing fault, appreciation and empathy. The trifecta of consumer appeasement, nothing like saying “I’m sorry” to pull at the heart string of consumers…awwww..ok, I’ll buy more from you.

Do you think this tactic is more effective then the age old, “we appreciate your business, so here’s 10$ to keep spending at our store” Yes, its more effective and while consumers love freebies, they appreciate and are more likely to stay loyal to a company who admits their faults.

But I digress, regardless of the type of incentive you offer, it’s importance isn’t solely sales related. Keeping your “opens” as active will benefit your email reputation, along with keeping your recipient database active, just don’t forget to archive inactive recipients after a 30 day period. Remember, it’s not about quantity but quality.

example of email incentive
example of email incentive
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