Email Case Study

Case Study 1: As Seen On TV 

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One of the most successful TV brands, Kings of TV sales but they were unable to monetize their email list successfully.

Having already dominated the TV and Call center marketing channel they needed to improve their email marketing channel, so that they could test new products and increase sales

Brands worked on

  • Genie Bra
  • Joan Rivers
  • Jilan Michaels
  • Shake weight



  • Increase TOTAL revenue from email revenue from 10%
  • Improve cross-channel marketing.



  • Improved email revenue by 400%
  • Increase TOTAL revenue to 30%

Testimonial: Assaf Ingel & Richie Hecker


Case Study 2: Women Network

California Women’s Conference, the largest female conference in California. Their email list was over  3-year-old  and was suffering from a 3% Open rate and dismal .5% email click-through rates.
They needed to increase traffic to their web pages WITHOUT sending more emails.


  • Improve Email Open Rates (OR)
  • Improve Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
  • Create an email Opt-in To Increase Email Database and Sales.



  • Improved email sign up by over 45%
  • Improved email open rates by 3% to 10% – 233% increased in Opens
  • Improved CTR to 5%

Testimonial: I don’t know how Gabby did,  but what she revived a 3 year old list. We were able to double our Opens and clicks. Email helped drive over 35% of all our sales.

Thank you, Gabby –  Kim Delmonico


Case Study 3: Next Level Media

A booming email marketing agency, managing email list for eCommerce stores.
Everything started off GREAT until their email open rates started to drop and then they started getting kicked off their Email Service Provider  (ESP)

They had NO clue why their ESP’s kept kicking them off, but month after month they would KEEP getting kicked off again.

They needed HELP FAST.

Every day they could not email, they were losing over 3k a day.


  • Improve email opens from 3%
  • Improve email clicks – less than 1%
  • Minimize the risk of being kicked off their ESP almost every Month.
  • Reduce email downtime due to emails NOT inboxing
  • Improve client onboarding and satisfaction



  • Quickly identified the reason why they kept getting kicked off their ESP, ensuring they would never get kicked off again. 6 Months later they are no longer getting kicked off.
  • Provided a new email engagement strategy that focused on opens and clicks- Opens Improved by 30%
  • Delivered full step plan on finding ideal agency clients and vetting them – Client satisfaction is now improved by over 70%

Testimonial: Ross Tuner


Case Study 4: Flight Hub

Flight hub relies on email marketing to generate traffic to its daily deals for some of the best travel deals. So when their open rate went from 15% to 3%, they knew they had a major problem.

They tried to resolve the issue with the help of the email service provider, but after 3 weeks of poor open rates, they found Gabriella


Opens rates decreased from 15% to 3%


  • Increased and improved open rates to 18% in just 7 days

Case Study 5:Dave Miz – Insider Dating

Dave has been successfully selling an info product for over 5 years and relied on email marketing to generate sales over 95% of his sales.

Everything was going great until Dave noticed that a segment of his users was NOT opening ANY of his emails.

He tried to resolve the issue with his ESP, but they offered NO solutions, only excuse.

Dave was desperate and losing close to 250$ a day, and this issue was now going on for over six weeks, costing him close to 10k. Dave was about to jump to a NEW Email Service Provider when Gabby offered to help.


Find out WHY emails were NOT getting Opened


In less than 90 min Gabriella found the source of the issue.

24 hrs later the ESP admitted the problem WAS with a bug in their system and Dave was back to his regular Open rates after just 4 days.


You Don’t Pay for Time – You Pay for results