Why you should avoid unsecured Cryptocurrency transactions

Following the emergence of new types of digital coins, thanks to the low price of much more affordable than bitcoin, a large number of newcomers came to the cryptocurrency sphere. Wanting to protect their funds as securely as possible, many of them quickly find the tools for transfer-anonymization. It turns out that to increase the security of your transactions, you need to use special services called mixers, such as on of the services listed at https://thebestbitcoinmixers.com

This precaution is necessary because the information about each transfer made by one of the users of a particular cryptocurrency is permanently stored in the transaction history. Anyone can read and access this private info. Using a method called blockchain analysis, some people are able to calculate your personal data based on the frequency of transactions you make, as well as the addresses of the wallets to which you sent funds and from where you received them. This can pose a threat not only to your privacy, but also to the safety of the money in your account, since attackers who have managed to determine your identity can rob you.


How best btc tumblers can protect your personal data?

In the case of using the mixer, your coins will be crushed into small pieces and mixed with the funds of a large number of other users. As a result, the history of transactions in the blockchain will become so complex that its analysis will be impossible. Having lost information about where you sent coins and from whom you received them, attackers will no longer be able to discredit your personal data, which will increase the security of funds in your account.

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