TowerDataClean, Enhance & Personalize

Get the Data You Need to Increase Engagement and Conversions

Target and Reach Customers With Personalized Messages

Using Email Intelligence
  • Engage a higher portion of your email list with a more personalized experience.
  • Get data on 80% of U.S. email addresses for a better segmented list
  • Find alternate points of contact, including postal and social
  • Determine which email addresses are active for improved list hygiene

Clean Your Email List

with Email Validation
  • Scrub your emails to improve email reputation, increase email deliverability and obtain higher opens, clicks and conversions.
  • Slash bounces and complaints
  • Protect against risky email addresses, bots and spam traps
  • Catch and correct typos, misspellings and syntax errors

Grow Your Email List

with Email Append

Rapidly boost the size of your email list and accelerate your marketing program by attaching email addresses to your postal records.

  • Increase the size of your email list by 25%
  • Improve marketing efficiency & cost-effectiveness
  • Kick-start a multi-channel marketing campaign

Bulleted List Here?

  • Email Verification
  • Phone Verification
  • Address Verification
  • Name/IP Verification
  • Lead Score
  • Phone Confirm
  • IP Monitoring
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Gabriella RaponeI provide each client with the latest and most advanced strategies to help them succeed online and grow their revenues. Along with that, I equip them with information about the latest state-of-the-art web tools and marketing strategies available.

These are just a couple of the many things that have made me one of the most respected and highly sought after email marketing gurus in the industry. Hire me and put me to work for you, too!

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