Subject line of the Week (Slotw) #65

This week’s slotw is more about bringing awareness to one of the shadiest email practices.

It’s been deemed ILLEGAL in most countries especially the USA. Yet for some reason, you still see BIG names like Ryan Deiss at Digital Marketer using these methods. Risky, YES. Which takes us to SLOTW


RE: My 14 Fill-in-the-blank Market Research Worksheet


Obviously, this is NOT one of our proven subject lines, but it’s a GREAT example of what NOT to do.

There’s a reason why using RE: is considered DECEPTIVE and illegal in the USA and Canada. And that’s because it RE is used to signify a reply from a previous message.And as you can see from the above, this was NOT a reply.

This was a marketing promo.

Now its possible that digital marketer saw a slight increase in email opens. But one thing I can guarantee is A LOT Of angry subscribers. Which means an increase both unsub and spam complaints. As well as risking litigation.

So email mavericks, AVOID using the RE: tactic.

Risking your reputation for an increase in email opens is NEVER a good strategy. I’ve already shown you over 60 different ways for you in increase email opens. Without EVER having to resort to deceptive practices.

So until next week
ABE and happy emailing


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