Generating leads But Aren’t Monetizing them?

Let me help you build your business asset, so you can generate more sales and increase the value of your business 2x what it's worth today.

Fully managed email marketing solution, run by Gabriella
  • Sell products online but aren’t monetizing the buyers or abandon carts email leads?
  • Are you “lead generator” master but don’t know anything about email marketing?
  • Currently selling your email leads?
  • Unhappy with your current email monetizer partner?
  • Must have a proven sales funnel
  • Minimum 2M in annual revenue
  • Must be able to scale leads when needed.

Investment: 10k retainer that is repaid within 45 days of start
This is a revenue share model. You post the leads; we send you a check at the end of each
This service is limited to exclusive partnerships ONLY. This means any leads you give us to
manage, CAN NOT be managed or sold anywhere else.

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