Live IntentSolutions for Publishers

Discover a brand new revenue stream with the easiest, most efficient way to monetize email.

Email Ad Serving

Save time and effort and never hardcode another ad in another email again with the only stable ad server built exclusively for email. Just insert LiveIntent’s LiveTags into your email template once, and you can target, serve and optimize ads dynamically at the moment the email is opened.

Direct Selling Email Inventory

Deliver advertisers your most loyal audience in cookie-proof, cross-device inventory. The LiveIntent platform enables all the best targeting and optimization features of web display, including innovative solutions like Marquee, Portrait, or custom Native, so advertisers see better performance, you see a higher revenue, and subscribers see ads they want to see.

Monetize Unsold Inventory

Open your email inventory to multiple trusted demand sources while maintaining complete control over who buys your inventory and for what price. LiveIntent’s Predict engine functions as a true auction, ensuring every impression, on every device, to every person yields the highest revenue.

User Matching

Transform your email subscriber data into a recurring source of revenue while respecting subscriber privacy. Through LiveIntent’s partnership with LiveRamp, your anonymous audience data can be matched to an advertiser’s offline data and earn 100% incremental revenue without sharing any personally identifiable information.

Bulleted List?

  • Email Verification
  • Phone Verification
  • Address Verification
  • Name/IP Verification
  • Lead Score
  • Phone Confirm
  • IP Monitoring
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