Grappling Industries

How Did Gabby Help Grappling Industries..?

In 2012 Gabriella Rapone fostered an unlikely friendship with a young aspiring entrepreneur trying to run a grappling tournament.

Knowing the struggles of being a young 27 year old entrepreneur, she took on a mentoring roll and helped build the foundation and structure needed in order to build an international tournament. That tournament now spans 3 countries... Canada, USA and Australia.

Here's just a peak of what she did...

  • Helped create a single brand incorporating the vision and the unique selling proposition. (Including the one above)
  • Helps create policies and procedures when marketing and promoting events.
  • Ensure that the proper business practices were being followed and maintained.
  • Helped establish relationship to promote International expansion.
  • Help create plan for recruiting for sponsors and help coordinate media inquiries to ensure maximum exposure.
  • Help create procedures for easy event set-up and tear-down.
  • Helped reduce one for 3 hours and 35 minutes in and out the door

And so, so ...much more ....

Grappling Industries was born out of frustration, a dream and determination …

6 Years ago,  a young aspiring grappler sat in an overcrowded gymnasium frustrated….Grappling Industries

  • Frustrated by the high cost for a single fight tournament.
  • Frustrated by the lack of tournament in the area.
  • And Frustrated by the hour-long delays it took to actually compete.

He believed, there should be a better way to compete.

He believed, that if you loved Brazilian Jujitsu, that you deserved more than just 1 match per event .

Better yet... you deserved more than 1 competition per year, because TRUE skill isn't measured at the gym.

No ! It’s fought in competition. One where the opponent you’re facing isn’t just the person in front of you.

NO. It’s every person who told you - that YOU couldn’t succeed. It’s every person who picked on you in school. It’s every person who told you - that you weren’t good enough to win .

We know there’s a battle raging inside every grappler. A fight bigger than the one we see in the gym or on the mats come competition day.

The dream was to give every fighter like you, not 1 but 4 fights . To prove that you have exactly what it takes to succeed and win .

Now 5 Years later, the frustration that fuelled the determination, is no longer a dream. It’s a reality . Thanks in part to people like you.

Now established in 3 countries and over 65 tournaments , over 23, 000 competitors, 10000 matches and over $100,000 in cash prizes . ..Grappling industries isn’t just giving competitors like YOU a chance to test their skills.

NO, they are giving those who love Brazilian jujitsu like you an opportunity to travel the world and compete in other tournaments, so that YOU can continue the dream that started it all and prove : You Can Win.

You just need to decide, how badly do you want to Win ?




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