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Facebook Marketing is one of the most significant marketing strategies of our time. Never before have marketers been able to reach consumers in such a highly targeted way. Are you taking advantage of Facebook in your campaigns?

Stats and Fun Facts



Aug 7, 2014
Reach 377K

2 Week Growth


Aug 21. 2014
Organic Reach 17M

2014 Monthly Avg


Organic Reach 22M
Likes 55.9K

2015 Monthly Avg


Organic Reach 75.3M
Likes 296K

2016 Monthly Avg


Organic Reach 74.8M
Likes 424.4K

Ad Spend


Results Achieved
for less than $99

Gabby isn't just limited to email marketing, NO. While she may have gotten her start 10 years ago as an account manager at an email service provider (ESP) Gabby knows that no business can survive by optimizing 1 channel alone. NO - Gabriella is also master at Facebook organic marketing.

That's right… 3 years ago Gabby dabbled in some Facebook advertising and noticed …. “Hey… this isn't much different from email marketing.” So that’s when she decided to help a friend build his Facebook page.

She took everything she learned through email and Facebook affiliate advertising and she helped build a page from 300K reach to over 17 million reach in just two weeks and she did it all on less than $99 and less than 17,000 Facebook fans and she continued to build that page over the next 18 months on only $303 and they say organic Facebook reach is dead… she proved it isn’t and continues to do it.

No problem. Gabby can help you find a unique selling proposition and work with you to build a social media strategy that is sure to make your product stand out. She can also help you build an email marketing strategy that is guaranteed to get the most amount of opens, so you can inbox more emails and make more money every time you press send.

Get Massive Social Reach

Get Massive Social Reach

3 Simple Steps

Discover How You Can Advertise Your Product Or Brand to 17 Million People on Facebook for Less than $100.

Sound Too Good to be True?

Learn How You Can Easily Get 10X More Facebook Reach, Without Breaking the Bank.

[phoe-icon name="fa-arrow-circle-right"] Discover the Exact Blueprint for Optimizing your Facebook Page for Reach and Likes
[phoe-icon name="fa-arrow-circle-right"] Learn My Full-Proof System for Easily Increasing your Facebook Reach and Influence
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Gabriella RaponeI provide each client with the latest and most advanced strategies to help them succeed online and grow their revenues. Along with that, I equip them with information about the latest state-of-the-art web tools and marketing strategies available.

These are just a couple of the many things that have made me one of the most respected and highly sought after email marketing gurus in the industry. Hire me and put me to work for you, too!

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