Email Subject Line Of The Week (SLOTW) #3

Just in time for Mother’s Day and with so many businesses trying to get your attention this week, having an email subject line that STANDS out is critical to you making more SALES.

So checkout this weeks SLOTW – It CRUSHED our control test by over 35%

Subject line of the week #3

You spend a lot of time and effort creating your emails and I know what it feels like to stress over having a subject line that:

  • Gets your email subscribers attention (get them to STOP)
  • Gets them curious enough to say “what” in their head (get the OPEN)

So why not try the above email maverick subject-line this week.

It worked for us and we’re happy to share it with you, because being an email maverick is more than pushing limits, its about creating a community that cares about improving and supporting one another.

Until next week .. happy emailing

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