Email Subject Line of The Week #29 (SLOTW)

It’s official Black Friday deals have already started , can you feel the chaos?

Ok so’ll keep this post short and sweet’

This email subject-line is a real WINNER

How About Another Look..

It showed a 199% increase in email read rates and when you want to make more sales. You want as many people to see and READ your emails so they can eventually – CLICK IT and you can sit back and relax.

So when SHOULD you use this email subject-line?

  • Abandon Carts
  • Browse Item

However, I do NOT recommend the 2nd option.

Remember email automation based on email actions is the easiest way to increase sales … trust me

So try this email SLOTW , test it and share your results.

Until next week – Always Be testing and Always Be Engaging (ABE)


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