Email Subject line of the Week #27 (SLOTW)

So what inspired this weeks subject line of the week?

You can thank clickfunnles.

Even after I cancelled their service 2x, they believed it was “OK” to keep sending me emails.

You can see my mini rant here .

But I know you’re here to see the email subject-line of the week.

So here it is …

Use it to kick off a simple unsub sequence when someone wants to be removed.

BUT you have to be EXTREMELY careful with this.
It’s a slippery slop between gaining a user BACK and really pissing them off.

But when done right , like using a quick survey or a what I call the email maverick email Last Ditch effort.

And you’ll want to kick it off, right after people unsubscribe.

Yeah I know what you’re thinking … because nothing pisses me off more then getting a …

Oh “thanks for unsubscribing ” email .

Talk about WASTED opportunity.

So try it out. You’ll be surprised at what you find.

Until next week .. Always Be Engaging

happy emailing – gab

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