Email Subject Line of The Week #26 (SLOTW)

Another week – another PROVEN email subject line.

This week’s winner is brought to you by an “Influencer Jack”.

YES believe it or NOT “influencers” can’t pay their bills like “likes, shares or comments”

So building a email list that BUYS from you, while sharing your message is CRITICAL to growing & sustaining your business.

Back to Influencer Jack.

Jack wanted to relaunch his wellness program BUT wasn’t sure how is subscribers would react.

Good thing he was using email marketing.

This gave him the opportunity to create MASSIVE curiosity and helped him overcome two major hurdles in minutes vs the days it would take testing with ads.

  • 1 – his subscriber interest ( do they want this)
  • 2- his messaging . (Is my offer fulfilling a pain/desire)

This is why you gotta LOVE email, you ALWAYS have an audience READY to give you feedback. So check out this weeks winner below and tell me what you think.

This weeks winner

SLOTW 26 – email maverick

This Could Be Yours…

THIS email subject-line beat out the variation by 40% in email opens and 20% in clicks.

When could you use this?

Use it when you want to DRAW attention to something EXCITING.

And this is perfect opportunity for you to get really playful with your email copy & really show your appreciation to your subscribers.

Remember you have just triggered your readers “imagine” state , so time to paint your readers dream scenario

Niche: ANY

Variations: You should split test between this and including your subscriber’s first name

Until next week – Always be engaging
Gabby Rapone
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