Email Subject line Of the Week #25 (SLOTW)

This weeks email subject-line is broad but powerful. (see below)

“Get First Dibs…”

Get First Dibs…

Why is this so powerful?

Because it taps into our primary value as humans and makes more of your subscribers click and in this case the primary value is …


Everybody want it’s – everybody needs it.

Imagine how you feel when someone makes you FEEL special.

That warm feeling that someone out there is thinking about .That feeling that someone LISTENING to you and empathizing with you.

THIS is what we all strive for in life.

THIS is the feeling the emotions you want to recreate for your email subscribers.

A feeling and in this case a feeling of LOVE.

Email Copy

Now this is your chance to show your subscribers how you value and appreciate them.

Or maybe you can use the “protect” angle and remind your subscribers that secret to keeping you and your family safe is your product or service.

Do you see where I’m going with this…

Your email should sell a FEELING not a product.

That’s the #1 secret to getting 3-5x more easy clicks.

And the best part.

When your subscribers feel how much you love & appreciation them. They are 2x more likely to want to want to reciprocate and take action .

And for you that mean more email clicks.

Which means more sales.

So split test this #24 this week and make sure to Always Be Engaging (ABE)

Can be Used

  • Niche: Any
  • Angle/heart: Love, Protect, Health, Success
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