Email Subject line Of the Week #24 (SLOTW)

This week’s email subject line of the week can used by anyone.

e-commerce, Influencers, affiliates .. you name it.

It’s so powerful that is got a 135% increase in email read rate. That’s means, compared to all the other emails being sent from this business.

THIS email subject-line got 135% More email opens.

Check it out below.

Remember the goal of your email subject line is to get your subscribers to OPEN and hopefully CLICK.

And the easiest trick to creating the email subject line that GET opened is simple.

CURIOSITY … leave your subscribers saying …what the hell???

Like this week’s example

You’re In luck…

SLOTW – email maverick

Now here is the thing your email subject line MUST reflect your content.

For example

  • Subject line : You’re in luck
  • Content Angle: we just got your size – we just made more room, we had a cancellation etc.

Do you see where i’m going with this..

So split test this week’s email subject line and let us know how it goes.

Until next week

Always be Engaging – Always be Optimizing

Gabby Rapone

owner – Email maverick

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