Email Subject Line Of the Week #22 (SLOTW)

Ask vs How?

Can you guess which Winner?

I love playing this game.

Now if you guessed B.

Congratulate yourself, you might even want to consider playing the lottery today.

SLOTW Winner

Now the reason why I love it so much is because it forces me to avoid making any assumptions (ego) and just TEST.

Leave your EGO at the door.

TEST everything.

Even what worked yesterday.

Yes, you read right.

If you have a winning email subject-line or call to action, ALWAYS BE OPTIMIZING (ABO)

Take that same email winner and split test it against a NEW email subject line.

If you dropped the original WINNER on Sunday at 12 pm – try sending the new email split test on Wednesday at 6 pm.


Remember your audiences are different.

Every email list has at least 5 different types of users. Who all react and engage for different reasons and at different times.

So as my favorite dance teacher use to say …

Getting at the TOP is easy. Staying there is harder. So NEVER rest on your laurels.

Always be engaging and ABT (always be testing)

Until nest week

Happy emailing

Gabby Rapone

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