Email Subject Line of the Week #21

Q: Can I test more than 2 email subject lines at one time?


THIS is the beauty of email marketing, you can split test multiple different ways so you can find your winners faster.

You also avoid putting all your eggs in one basket and risk less then optimal results.

Like this example

email subject lines testing
slotw 21

Here you can see us testing 5 different email subject lines.

And while some of the results were “close” others were not.

Like “Help me, help you vs How to make $50 in 3 minutes”

Some you may notice are similar in angle, while some are totally different direction.

What did you learn?

This is goes to show 2 things :

  • Always Be Testing (ABT)
  • Never ASSUME

Let the data speak to you, it will tell you EXACTLY what to do, you just have to listen

Until next week, happy emailing

Always be engaging

Gabby Rapone

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