Email Subject Line Of The Week #2

Jennifer : Gabby should we be split testing every email message

Gabby: Do you want to make your life easier?

Jennifer: YES


Crazy to think that 1 SIMPLE change can Instantly improve your email opens and what happens when you IMPROVE your email marketing Opens and Clicks?

Well as you can see from the below image:

Email Subject line Variation A: Ok.. Lets Make A Deal
outperformed Variation B.

(oh you wanna see Variation B. .. well, I can’t give you everything)

email subject-line of the week #2
  • 12% Increase in Email Opens
  • 35% Increase In Email Clicks
  • 89% Increase in Sales

So next time you send an email message SPLIT test your email subject-lines. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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