Email Subject line Of The Week #19 (SLOTW)

This week I share with you my secret to how I come up with email subject lines when I’m in a hurry or have zero inspiration.

Stick to the basics . It tends to outperform “most” of the time.

Note is said “MOST”

So what’s the formula?

Simple. It’s just X vs Y

Example this is a winning email subject line outperform the control sample by 28%

email subject line of the week

Chasing vs Attracting.

email winner

Now just imagine how many different ways you can use this in your business.

Just think….

  • Black vs White
  • Superman vs Batman
  • Mon vs Dad ..

Whatever the formula works and it works for a reason.
Curiosity + Feedback …

Until next week.

Always be Testing (ABT) and Always be engaging (ABE)

Happy emailing

Gabby Rapone

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