Email Subject Line Of The Week #15 (SLOTW)

Ok, so how do you get a subscribers attention when they haven’t opened or clicked in weeks?

Before you totally dump them, consider a simple email Win-back strategy so let’s get creative.

Now part of becoming “creative” is pushing the boundaries of what could be considered as “borderline” non can-spam compliant – but hey … we’re email mavericks for a reason.

So next time you’re struggling with getting your subscribers attention try this email subject line. Just look at the stats … 317% increase in email read rate … wow talk about improving your email reputation.

I Have Yet to Hear From You Gabby…

email maverick slotw 15

So next time, why not try to split test THIS email subject line and see how it works for you.

Until next week, remember to ABE and happy emailing.


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