Email Subject-line of The Week #14 (SLOTW)

Ok so #3 on the list … drum roll please….

#3 – Always be Testing (ABT)

This is the BIGGEST mistake is to see businesses make.

The worst part is, some of the BIGGEST offenders are ad buyers.

Imagine you run 100 different ads and split test them so you optimize every opportunity, but for some reason when it comes to email marketing most people lose all rhyme or reason.

For example, let’s look at the below

email maverick SLOTW #14

Now you MIGHT not think that and extra 272 opens is much … BUT remember this a SPLIT test, which means its ONLY a portion of the TOTAL list. .. 20% actually

So now, just imagine if you didn’t split test and chose the WRONG subject line …

This is why I say… Always Be Engaging (ABE) and Always Be Testing (ABT)

More email opens means MORE people SEE your product or service, so ABT .

Until next week

Happy emailing

Gabriella Rapone

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