Email Subject line of The Week 11 (SLOTW)

The distance between Failure and Winning is small.

I know this because, after over 10 years of analyzing millions of emails, it doesn’t take weeks or months or for you to see amazing results all it takes is one small shift.

Here is a perfect example.

Same email subject line BUT with a slight variation.

Do you see why B failed to get the same results as A?

The simple answer is: NO curiosity

Why? Because “with this offer” tells you exactly what’s inside, giving no real reason to want to open the email.

Remember humans don’t like open loops and when you leave them hanging with a question like “sure we can tempt you.”

Your natural reaction is to say .. “WHAT .. tell me more”

DO NOT take your subscribers for granted. You do have to work a little to grab their attention. So yes, being crafty is key, just don’t be deceptive or you will get into trouble.

So next time you are creating your subject line, use this trick I tell all my email maverick students and that is …

Use the “WHAT gauge”. Meaning does this email subject-line leave saying WHAT ??? If it does chances are, you have a real winner on your hands.

Have a winning email subject line you want to share? Just reply to the email and we’ll make sure to feature you.

Happy emailing


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