Email Subject-line of The Week #10 (SLOTW)

Ok..let’s have some fun this week.

Can you guess which email subject-line had an easy 30% increase in the number of email opens?

Is it A or B ?

If you guessed B ….you’d be WRONG

The winner is indeed A.

Now if you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a HUGE fan of testing and optimizing.

Not only does it allow you to get results faster and easier. It also allows you to cut your testing time by 80%.

Best part … you don’t have to spend money on advertising.

How often should you SPLIT test?

If it’s a email broadcast? On EVERY broadcast

If it’s an email automation? Then let the automation run for minimum of 2 weeks. Find your WINNER . Run the winner for the next 2 weeks and then, start again.

This way you leave NOTHING chance and you’re ALWAYS optimizing for email Engagement (remember your email ABE’s Always be engaging) and RESULTS.

Have a great subject line you want to share? Drop in the comments.

Until next week

Happy emailing


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