Email Mosaics, how do you optimize?

There are a handful of ways one can optimize on their email marketing campaigns, and a hot topic for the past few months has been the use of email mosaics. Firstly, what are email mosaics ? An email mosaic is simply a pixelated version of your email using html tables, this allows you create a visual representation of your email without using images. This means you can finally capitalize on all that white space normally reserved for “Alt Text” or those pesky red X images placeholders.

While the concept of an email mosaic might seem more like a novelty at first. If applied correctly, you may find your CTR triple in most cases, so why all the hate?

It’s simple, most email mosaics are heavier than your average 10k email, a typical email mosaic load can be anywhere from 30-50k. This puts added pressure on an ISP’s infrastructure, which can lead to sender blocks if a load is too high. On a per-message-basis 40K may not seem like much, but multiple that by 1MM user database and you’ll quickly see what a burden this places on an ISP.

Ace Tip: Don’t make assumptions, just test it! The first thing I tell all clients is, never make assumptions about your templates, data or email deployment, let the results dictate how you’ll optimize and move forward. Therefore, this is why I am not “for” or “against” the use of email mosaics. Therefore, if you believe your business model can benefit from the use of email mosaics, then test and let the numbers speak for themselves.  A small sample size test should give you a better indication of how receptive your messages are, and how well received they were from the receiving ISP. Something to consider, so you decide.

Things to Consider

  • Greater demand on ISP :The heavier the load, the liker something might fail, which may lead to blackholes or block

  • Decreased load speed – If you still haven’t jumped onto the broadband highway or find yourself in dialup purgatory, you might be lose patience waiting for your email to load. Therefore, the longer it takes for an email to load, the greater chance of abandonment.

  • Increase Mobile data usage – With over 70% of email now being opened via mobile, size does matter.  Most users have limited mobile data plans, therefore you might want to revise your mobile email template. Decreased open rate: While your CTR can easily double, your open rate will decline due to images not being downloaded.   Maverick Tip: Use incentives to motivate recipients to download images.

On the Bright Side

  • Embedded stylized text: More effective then alt text and embedded stylized text can be used to eliminate some text based images and can be used for valued proposition.

  • The use of Html Tables : Allows you create a pixilated version of your email allowing a visual representation of your email without using actual images. Finally, you can capitalize on white space by offering a clear rendering incentive.

  • Two creative’s in one: This gives you the ability to create mozified version and a downloaded image version of your emails. For example, you’re initial email creative regarding a discounted item would include some stylized text along with an added incentive to download images, rendering the another version of the email, displaying the additional surprise incentive. ( see below)

Maverick Tip: If it wasn’t clear yet, you might want to consider this option while warming up your ip space. With the proper incentive you can quickly improve engagement by forcing recipients to download images

mozified before downloaded images
mozified before downloaded image
after downloaded images
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