Emailers: Yahoo set to recycle and reuse inactive email address.

Yahoo announced some exciting new changes to some of their most famous products like Flickr, Mail, Weather, the Homepage and Search.  Sadly, any time an ISP announces an “exciting new change” the only thing I jump for is my Pepto on the top shelf, no jumping for joy here.

 So what exactly is Yahoo doing?

Yahoo is set to release all inactive Yahoo ID’s (also used as email addresses)  from the past 12 months and pool them back into the system.  New users may now have the opportunity to simpler ID’s, gone are the days of

So what does this mean to email marketers?

With Yahoo set to release the newly recycled ID’s on August 15, beware of the following.

  • Increased bounce rate: In my opinion any bounce rate over 3%  is unacceptable.  However, most ISP’s will give a 10% allowance before it negatively impacts your ip, domain reputation and overall delivery.
  • A Hard Bounce is a HARD bounce: Don’t get greedy , tag them and suppress them upon the first delivery attempt.  While you might be inclined to scrub your valuable database for newly active emails. You’re also leaving yourself open to spam traps.  Hit too many spam traps, and you may find yourself in the Spam folder or worse, the black hole of email marketing with dismal delivery.

 Users looking to claim a new yahoo ID can do so as of July 15. However, users will only get confirmation as of August 15.

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