Carrie Nagy Swain
Gab had great suggestions to improve on the page, especially her post headline suggestions.
Ryan Dombrowski
Gabby Is A Secret Weapon!

Client Testimonials

Gabriella's has helped a lot of online marketers increase their earnings with her consulting services and products. Watch the videos from Ricco and Domingo or browse the comments below to get a sense for the type of results you can expect when you work with Gabby.

Mohamed Ali Aguel - E-Commerce Entrepenure
Ricco Davis
Ricco Davis - ProMonetize
John Gray
John Gray3msales
If you want to take your emailing to the next level...I HIGHLY recommend Gabriella Rapone! I just have to say THANK YOU, to Gabriella Rapone!! After a one hour conversation via Skype, she was able to completely turn around my fading email campaigns. She looked over my stats and gave me very clear and concise actions to take, in order to improve my response rate and my overall revenue per account. So after implementing only 1 of her recommendations, in a 1 week ESP accounts have gone ZOMBIE...risen from the dead baby! Open rates went from being a mere 4-6% to over 11%, with the very first mailing using Gabriella's advice! I am deeming Gabriella as the Godmother of Email! If you want to take your emailing to the next level...I HIGHLY recommend Gabriella Rapone.
Josen Ruiseco
Josen RuisecoShoutCloud Studios
She's a Wealth of Knowledge! Gabby does an excellent job of making clear the murky details of what really matters when you're trying to effectively grow your audience and reach on Facebook. Her step by step review and approach is a valuable methodology that you are going to want to duplicate over and over for all of your FB pages and strategies. Don't miss this one...
Francis Jimenez
Francis JimenezCXOFT
Gabriella Delivered! I've gone through the entire course and gave feedback on how additional improvements can make the course even better (it's great as it is!) I would like to commend Gabriella Mischel Rapone on building something that's a no-fluff, numbers based approach that any consultant/business owner/facebook page owner can use to improve their reach and overall advertising for a fraction of the price. If you are doing anything related to FB I think this course is mandatory to really scale your efforts efficiently and with minimal guesswork! Thanks again!
MJ Saris
MJ SarisSangha Global Marketing
After the Secrets To Inboxing We feel more confident... Before purchasing Gabriella's course we were doing inbox tests but they were taking way too much time and even-though it helped us inbox, we did not proactively optimize the return on investment on our mail outs. We felt insecure as if we were driving a car knowing how to drive but not knowing where we were going. After following the step by step method explained in the Secrets of Inboxing, we feel more confident, decisive and know exactly what to look for. Thanks to the simple format and Gabriella's great ability to teach, inboxing is now no longer a secret to us but has become a strategy.
Dave Nienberg
Dave NienbergShadow Shopper
This course is a MUST HAVE for ALL email marketers. Because even if your email messages aren't hitting the Spam folder today, they might Spam tomorrow and I guarantee you'll regret NOT having this. We will definitively continue to use the Gabriella's system whenever we encounter any delivery issues and appreciate the independence, knowledge and ease in which we can quickly turn a "Spamming" message into an "Inboxing" message. We've spent thousands of dollars a year on dedicated account managers services at our last ESP, but their knowledge and skill was nothing compared to what Gabriella offered. We couldn't be happier with Gabriella. She continues to give us amazing insight and is highly professional, personal and phenomenally effective.
Ryan Portugal
Ryan PortugalRedaptive, LLC
When it comes to email marketing Gabriella is the person to go to. I was having a ton of issues trying to inbox my yahoo email address. After just one consultation she was able to provide me the exact steps and solution, so I could start to inbox again and in just a few hours I started to inbox again and it didn’t stop there. She's helped me out quite a bit with email marketing issues and goes above and beyond in delivering value.
Karen ThomasRSI Insurance Brokers, Inc
When I have more issues with email marketing I'm definitely going back to Gabriella. We all receive email. We all open some of those emails but what makes us click on them? Well Gabriella is the master at getting people to engage, her strategies and tactics when it comes to segmenting users is amazing. So amazing, we were able to reduce our emailing cost by 30% and increased our ROI by 200% . Gabriella is one professional who not only knows email marketing inside and out and her ability to see opportunities to cross market our products and services, really helped us expand our marketing effort without bleeding cash. Gabriella brings amazing value and is always a pleasure to work with.
Bruce Bortle
Bruce BortleAqua Interactive Media
Gabby has an excellent understanding of email marketing process and systems which enable her to achieve above average results consistently. She stays current with the latest technologies and their best implementations for maximum efficiency. Her extensive contact list and network also enables her to match the best solutions for your business. So you don’t have to worry IF you have the right solution because she’s already tested and used most, so she’ll save you the time and effort and a lot of money. She is a professional that takes the time to make sure things are done properly and to specification. She is highly recommended.
Veronika Sonsev
Veronika SonsevConsultant
We had Gabby consult for inSparq on email delivery and she was incredibly helpful. We were new to email marketing and didn’t know much about it , but our business depended on email, so we wanted the BEST to educate us . After 4 hours our head was spinning with so much information, but were so glad we were given the proper training on how to protect ourselves, our brand and our users. Gabriela is fast, smart and knows the industry better than anyone. We would hire her again in a second!
Michael Mesure
I usually don't take the time to write recommendations. Especially for partners that keep on delivering great results. Call it selfish but it's like finding a great little restaurant that no one knows about. But soon enough, word gets out and now it takes an hour just to get a table... Gabriella is like that with email marketing. Not only is she well versed in email delivery platforms, ISP's, white listing, CAN Spam compliance, data hygiene, data management, she bring invaluable expertise with CPA offers. What separates the expert from the rest is invaluable perspective and how to balance the content with the list and target market. There is a lot more to email marketing beyond pushing the send button. Gabriella has delivered and most importantly continues to deliver consistent results. I wish I had found her on the first try! (*I won't tell you how many people I had to go through before finding her, that's another conversation). When it comes to email, I trust her expertise to manage all my campaigns so I don't have to.
Leah JacobyW4 CPA Network
Gabriella has a profound way of establishing a rapport while still maintaining a professional ambiance. I was constantly impressed with her in-depth knowledge on email marketing and her ability to always perform despite major challenges and changes in the industry itself. While others would struggle for weeks trying to get their emails to inbox, she would always find a way to keep emailing. It’s her ability to diversify, that keeps her ahead of others. Her driven personality would make her a great fit for any environment, whether it be working with a team or independently.
Nicole Webb
Nicole WebbNicole Webb Healing
I have worked with Gabriella for several years and have only great things to say. She’s always impressed me with her ability to make more with email. While working as an account manager at offer network, I was always impressed how she was able maximize conversion rates. While people would have to send millions of emails to see great returns, she would get the same results by sending only a fraction of emails.. She is extremely knowledgeable about the industry and pays careful attention to detail. She takes pride in her work and doesn’t settle for anything less than great. I believe it’s her proactive attitude and persistence is what keeps her ahead of the game.
Matan Nisim
I am very happy I purchased the course early on... I bought The Secrets to Inboxing when I only had little experience with email marketing. I faced deliverability issues early on so I was looking to learn as much as I can about how to inbox, and I got recommendation about this course from some very successful mailers. I am very happy I purchased the course early on in my 'email marketing journey' as it not only teach about how to inbox, but gave me comprehensive introduction to email marketing. I learnt a lot about the basics and terminology of email marketing. Perhaps even more important, I learnt how to think about email marketing - thinking about it from the ESP/SMTP point of view. The main part of the course(the M.I.T system) is SO valuable as it gives a methodical way to tackle inboxing. It breaks this complex task(/concept) into small steps that everyone can follow in order to be able to inbox and build your reputation over time. I am sure the course helped shortening my learning curve, and I am sure that I will keep using the concepts and methods I learnt in the course in the future.
Danay Escanaverino
Danay Escanaverino
Gabby is light years a head of most email marketers and she’s relentless. She built an amazing system of testing emails and YES, while it might take some time to implement, the rewards are endless. We've been emailing for almost a decade now and her 3 step system breaks it down so easily. We still use it today and it works. Believe me, if you have an email offer that is killing it now and you don’t know to maximize your rate of inboxing. You have no idea, how much money you are leaving on the table RIGHT NOW. This is a no brainier for anyone with an email list.
Richie Hecker
I build tech businesses. I do this through incubation, growth hacking and investments. When I was looking to start up a new company to manage emails for As-seen-on-TV customers I needed a partner that was the best of the best. I recruited for weeks asking everyone “who has the best skills and knowledge to make the most money in email “ and one name kept coming back every single time … Gabby Rapone – Simply put… Gabby is amazing. She is a master at what she does . She was able to provide clients with an additional revenue stream that wasn’t really being monetized to its full potential. Our clients saw over a 300% return, something that they were never able to achieve, that’s until Gabby came along. Simply put gabby is amazing, she is one of the best i've seen, she is hard working and honest, straight forward and a great person overall. I would work with her again in a second and recommend her (as i already do) to everyone in sight.
Carl Serapian
Carl Serapian
Gabriella teaches you how to think differently. Amazingly email Inboxing is a subject that is so little talked about on the net (with real solutions), I wasn't sure what new I could learn. I had already learned a couple of tricks here and there from fellow marketers but honestly I felt anxious almost every time I was testing an email. Most often than not, I felt I wasn't being efficient in finding the problem as to why my emails were not hitting the inbox on a regular basis. I'm a very systematic type marketer and NOT having a system that brings me the confidence needed to run my business WASN'T something I was willing to accept. Many email service providers TRIED to help me out but the solution never lasted. All that being said, I WASN'T inboxing well for at least 6 weeks and that's not fun! The course is very easy to understand and the steps very easy to follow. What I like most about it is that Gabriella teaches you how to think differently. She doesn't just give a recipe ...I feel like I understand the big picture now AND I have the spreadsheets and tools I'm ACTUALITY Inboxing AGAIN - THANK YOU!!
Gene Mikhov
We were bleeding cash and desperate for solution, we were -3k a day on our ESP. There we were paying thousands of dollars a day in ESP fees and we couldn't Inbox a single email message. Our ESP couldn't help us and we needed to fix our inboxing issue FAST. Luckily, I’ve known Gabriella for a few years so I asked her to review our emails. I don’t know what she did, but in only a few hours we started to Inbox again. She not only helped us with our inboxing issues but she also provided us with new ways to boost our sales across various channels. I recommend Gabby to anyone who has an email list. She will not only fix your inboxing issues, but she will brings email to a whole new level, she is truly a master at email.
Chris Valeri
Chris Valeri
We were losing thousands of dollars a day. The Secrets To Inboxing course is top notch. Everything is organized in an easy to follow format with all of the tools needed to start fixing your email delivery problems provided after each section. Before starting this program we had no REAL way of knowing why our emails weren't hitting the inbox, so it was impossible to fix and we were losing thousands of dollars a day. It’s amazing how one day your emails inboxing just fine and the next- NOTHING. One important thing we learned in the course is how to identify small changing in deliverability so we could avoid hitting the spam folder and avoid losing money. After watching the videos, I was able to fix several of our problem emails using the methods shared by Gabby. If you are new to email marketing or have been doing it for a while, there is definitely knowledge to be gained by taking this course. The money you lose from even a few emails not hitting the inbox, will easily cover the cost of this course and then some.
Dalton Locke
Dalton Locke
You see I believed that using a ESP guaranteed me in boxing BUT I was WRONG! As an online marketer I find myself testing all kinds of different pages and campaigns. However I was making stupid mistakes when it came to email marketing. I was not testing or seeding my accounts duh. You see I believed that using a ESP guaranteed me in boxing, but I was WRONG. It was not until I met Gabriella did I truly see how much money I was leaving on the table. I recall meeting her and asking what are some of the best ESP you use? She said” A good esp is only as good as your setup and mailing practice and knowledge , just don't fall into the trap. So after a long talk she suggested some little secret Ninja tricks and I won't say it was magic. Yet after applying what she taught little by little I've seen we are in boxing more and as you know in boxing means more money. No more traps thanks to Gabriella.
Owen Sands
Owen Sands
I was having an inboxing nightmare... Before I meet Gabriella and took her course, I was having an inboxing nightmare. When it comes to email marketing Gabriella has an extensive knowledge on email deliverability and adding value to email campaigns. She's helped me understand the variables that directly impact my email marketing campaigns. Whenever I have delivery issues with my email I'm definitely going to back to Gabriella inboxing system. I also like the fact that she is always pushing the envelope in order to create an effective customer experience through email. I’d recommend Gabriella to anyone who is struggling to turn their email inboxing around, because she is professional and highly skilled at diagnosing the most challenging email delivery issues.
Phil Saunders
Phil Saunders
After My First Email Send ...the revenue generated easily covered the cost of the course... Before I purchased your course I was sort of lost when it came to how to effectively inbox. My testing before I purchased the course consisted of changing some of the content and/or the subject line, crossing my fingers, and hoping that my messages would make it. I knew that wasn’t the most effective way to go about my business so when I saw your course I decided to give it a try and boy I am glad I did. The Secrets to Inboxing course gave me an easy, simplified process for determining why certain messages were spamming and what changes I needed to make in order to inbox more frequently. It became clear pretty quickly how much money I lost over the past few years by not having a methodical plan for dealing with inboxing issues. The amount of incremental revenue I made in the very first email I sent after taking the course easily covered the cost of the course, so it was really a no-brainer purchase. There really is no other product on the market quite like it, I highly recommend it for all email marketers!
Tyler Devin
Tyler Devin
We are fans of Gabriella! We were using a new mail platform and we were just not seeing the performance in deliverability and revenue that we were hoping for. We knew others were having success with this particular platform so we knew it was possible, we just didn’t know what we were doing wrong. The first send we did after going through Gabriella’s course generated over $3,000 in revenue! Before that, we never had a send that generated over $1,000… This course awesome! It was very easy to follow and more importantly easy to understand and implement… We have quite a bit of experience mailing but some of the tools we were now exposed to in this course has allowed us to take our email marketing to another level!
Mohamed Ali Aguel#alwayslistentomo
Gabriella is an excellent online marketer and understands all aspects of selling on the internet, in particular Facebook and Email marketing. Her expertise has proved invaluable to me on countless occasions and has definitely helped get my brand and products out to a wider audience. If you want to take your business to the next level, Gabriella will help you do it!
Jessica MarchandFlight Hub
It was really amazing meeting you today. I feel like you've given me skills that I never had before, so on a personal note, thank you so much for taking the time to explain everything out to me and for giving me great ideas and feedback. It was getting to the point where I was starting to feel desperate haha.. Anyways, I just wanted to say that I'm really thankful and that it was a pleasure meeting you today! I look forward to working with you more and more in the future.
Carrie Nagy Swain
Carrie Nagy SwainStack Media
Gabby provided a helpful and in-depth video tutorial on Facebook analytics and ads. She provided us with some great suggestions to improve on the page, especially her post headline suggestions. Gabby has a lot of knowledge on how to reach a large audience on Facebook and where to find content that works. It was a pleasure working with her.
Ryan Dombrowski
Ryan DombrowskiBluemoto Media
Gabby Is A Secret Weapon! Having spent over 7-figures on Facebook Ads, you can imagine my reaction when I learned how Gabriella reaches millions of users for less than the change in my pocket. Since going through the course we've completely changed our strategy and now see similar results with our reach and engagement -- and the results were practically immediate. For those who noticed a drop in Facebook reach with recent algorithm updates, Massive Social Reach proves that Facebook is far from dead. It just needs a different approach. Gabriella cracked the code and shows you exactly how to make content go viral and convert for your audience. If you own a Facebook Page that you care to be useful to you, my suggestion is to get this course.
Nicolas Gregoriades
Nicolas GregoriadesThe Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood
Gabriella is an excellent online marketer and understands all aspects of selling on the internet, in particular Facebook and Email marketing. Her expertise has proved invaluable to me on countless occasions and has definitely helped get my brand and products out to a wider audience. If you want to take your business to the next level, Gabriella will help you do it!
David Aguzzi
David AguzziCEO Grappling Industries
Listen To This Woman !!! I struggled with Facebook a lot. I could never seem to understand what I needed to do to get reach, let alone engagement. However, in just 90 minutes Gabriella Rapone was able to easily show me exactly how Facebook engagement and reach actually works and it was so easy to understand. Within the first 24 hours after our talk my Facebook stats, I instantly began to rise just by making very easy minor changes in the way I would post, such as using a video instead of a photo to tell my story or get a point across. As much as I’d like to keep this amazing secret to myself, I can’t and I won’t. So if you’re struggling with trying to understand how to get more reach, engagement and likes, I highly recommend this program. Amazingly once I implemented her simple techniques, went from getting 90 pages likes a week to over 300 page likes in 1 day with 1 post . AMAZING !!!
Kristin MolenaarThe Beauty Voice
Gabriella knows her stuff! Before taking this course, I thought that organic reach was dead as well as business pages. I thought that to be seen on Facebook it took forking out serious cash. I was thrilled to learn that this isn't the case. Gabriella taught me how to play to Facebook's rules, so that my content DOES show up in my audience's feed. The best part, I'm not paying for it... and when I am, it's cheap and proven! Gabriella, thank you times a million. You rock!!


Gabriella RaponeI provide each client with the latest and most advanced strategies to help them succeed online and grow their revenues. Along with that, I equip them with information about the latest state-of-the-art web tools and marketing strategies available.

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