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Did you know that eCommerce Emails are 40% MORE likely, to end up In the Spam Folder. So how can YOU avoid the email “Spam Folder” this Black Friday ? Easy See Ep 4 of “Spam Fridays” and see how 1 eCommerce store, can easily improve their “Email Rep.” So they can get BACK into the
Exposed…Here is the REAL reason why Facebook pages fail. To be honest, I believe #1 is a BIG reason why most Facebook Pages fail. I know this, because I see it every day. Do you want to know what the worst part is? It’s when I see major “influences” giving out the WRONG advice. See exactly
Whoever said “size doesn’t matter” has never been 5’1 and tried to reach the top shelf at the grocery store. But seriously.. Facebook page owners ask me all the time “ does the length of you video matter on Facebook?” – The short answer is ..Yes … pun intended . Now you probably know this

This is a Copywriting Post

Tuesday, 05 July 2016 by
It’s copywriting time!

Welcome to My New Website!

Friday, 24 June 2016 by
It’s here… my new website is live.
Is it fair to try to apply the same rules of Darwinism to today’s developing technologies? Most technological innovations are brought upon by the need to improve the users experience, so what about email, how has it changed? As an online marketer I’d like to thank Mr. Zukerberg for popularizing the use of social media
Happy 16th birthday Yahoo Mail!!!! In an unorthodox move by Yahoo, they finally decided to jump into the 21 century. Sadly, they omitted the P-Diddy style Super-sweet-sixteen-party and opted for a more conservative celebration, by unveiling their new YAHOO mail layout. The new redesign was simultaneously rolled out October 9, on both web and for

Email Questions & Answers

Tuesday, 14 June 2016 by
I didn’t learn how to be an effective email marketer on my own. My tenacity and inquisitive nature is what drives me to resolve any email issues. Most of my knowledge and experiences comes from testing thousands of email marketing campaigns as well as what is shared among the email marketing community. So send me

What type of e-mailer are you?

Tuesday, 14 June 2016 by
What type of Mailer are you? Before you begin any type of email marketing you need to define the following: “what type of mailer you are”. To figure this out you need to ask yourself: What type of messages are you going to send? How are you collecting the data? Are you a: Direct advertiser:
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Email marketers are ruthless, but creative. One of the biggest challenges for most email marketers is the rate of unsubscribing, excluding ISP feedback loop. Therefore, it helps to get a little creative and lighten the mode a little. The puppy dog may not stop users from unsubscribing, however it may stop them from complaining to
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