Are Your Facebook Videos Killing Your Page Reach?

Whoever said “size doesn’t matter” has never been 5’1 and tried to reach the top shelf at the grocery store.

But seriously.. Facebook page owners ask me all the time “ does the length of you video matter on Facebook?” – The short answer is ..Yes … pun intended .

Now you probably know this by now, but if you don’t. Did you know that adding a video to your Facebook pages is the BEST way to quickly improve engagement and increase your organic reach.

Yes, it’s true.

Yet just adding a video alone on your Facebook Page doesn’t automatically guarantee engagement, you still have to work a little bit.

Now I have, to be honest, I’ve ripped and pieced together hundreds of videos over the past few years. I’ve taken YouTube videos that got a few thousand views on Youtube and hacked them apart and to get almost 10 to 80 million views on Facebook.

So what my secret ?

Simple I grab their attention first. This mean NO, fancy and redundant logo intro . Yes, we understand fact that you want to “Brand” yourself and look fancy, but your EGO is killing your chances of grabbing people attention . There are way too many distractions on Facebook, and competing for attention isn’t easy.

The fact are simple . You have less than 3 seconds to make an impression on Facebook . So if you’re wasting 7 sec of it on “brand logos” then you might as well kiss your Facebook engagement goodbye.

A few key thing to remember about Facebook Videos.

The longer the video – the lower the completion rate, which will directly affect organic reach. So it’s important that you consider the objective for your videos first.

We also know that all Facebook videos under 10 sec long are considered 100% completed. Now don’t make the assumption that most people do. Which is , create only 9-second videos thinking it will get you massive Facebook reach, because it won’t.

NO, you still need the other 3 factors of engagement to get massive Facebook reach .

I’ve uploaded hundreds of videos to Facebook and I found the results to be the same in most places.

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Posted by Gabriella Rapone on Tuesday, November 15, 2016

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