Who is Gabriella?

Gabriella is a successful marketing professional. With 8 years of email marketing experience, she first got her start in email marketing as an account manager at an email service provider (ESP), so she knows exactly what it takes to create and run a successful email marketing program.

" Jack of all Trades, Master of One, Two, Three... etc "

She has consulted for corporate giants such as GenieBra, Classmates, Stayfriends, Flighthub, Juno and Netzero and many more. So she knows, that it’s not the size of your list that counts, but the quality and with over a billion email messages sent to-date, she has generated millions in online sales. Her amazing ability to revise email marketing campaigns and strategies has led to sales increases of over 400%.

However, her greatest challenge still remains, trying to describe to her family what she does all day on the computer. A battle that she recently gave up, assuring them that nothing illegal, obscene or dirty was going on unless you call not showering for 2 days “dirty”... we just call it "conserving."

Gabriella RaponeWith a degree in Economics and a minor in Psychology, Gabriella knows just how important understanding statistics is and knows exactly how to successfully group and monetize a demographic in order to maximize revenue from every email recipient. Her minor in Psychology, has given her an “edge” in being able to develop powerful email ad copy that helps improve email engagement as well as increase traffic to sales pages, leading to an increase in overall sales. So make sure you keep your weekends free, because you’ll have so much more cash you’ll make-it-rain from New York to LA or New Jersey. Hey, if you don’t like New Jersey then you gotta aim higher or give Gabriella a call….

Her expertise isn’t only limited to email marketing. Hellzzzz No!! Her ability to analyze and identify weak points in a given sales funnel is what she does best. But a word of caution: Gabriella has an incredible talent for being brutally honest and has been known to make grown men, children and panda’s cry.

So if you’re having issues with your email marketing program or managing your facebook page or need help with your ad copy, then book a call with Gabriella Today.
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Gabriella RaponeI provide each client with the latest and most advanced strategies to help them succeed online and grow their revenues. Along with that, I equip them with information about the latest state-of-the-art web tools and marketing strategies available.

These are just a couple of the many things that have made me one of the most respected and highly sought after email marketing gurus in the industry. Hire me and put me to work for you, too!

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