How Has Gabby Helped ANWT?

A New Woman TodayA New Woman Today is a movement empowering young women in Montreal and Canada. Gabriella came on board as the marketing expert and created the messaging for sponsor proposals, a critical part of funding for the organization.

Helped in 2016, motivated by the work she did with Women Network, Gabby knew that she wanted to help the women in her city, and she is actively pursuing the goal every day.

Who Is A New Woman Today ?

A New Woman Today

They say the strongest actions for a woman is to love herself, be herself and shine among those who never believed she could.

A New Woman Today understands the struggle every woman faces.

  • The struggle of being treated equally.
  • The struggle to be paid equally.
  • The struggle to be heard equally.

Are YOU struggling with any of above?

We know you are!

It was those struggles that ignited and inspired A New Woman Today.

You see... A New Woman Today, it’s about “burning bras’ or saying “woman and better than men”...

NO!  A New Woman Today is about empowering woman like YOU to take action. We know life is though – but so are you and we know that every woman has a story, one that can inspire other woman who are struggling to take action.

A New Woman Today believes, that the best way to rise among those who view us as less, is to collaborate with other amazing females YOU can learn from. Ones with the experience, guidance and knowledge to get you to where you want to be, so you can STOP struggling.

A New Woman Today also believe, every woman has the power…

  • To ACHIEVE more..
  •  To WANT more..
  •  To HAVE more.

Because every woman deserves more – regardless of age, race or beliefs and together, we can overcome every obstacle in your way .

We know that strong woman don‘t wait for permission – WE Say, Act and Do and NEVER wait to ask, so are you ready to want more ?
Come join us September 18, 2016 where we’ll help you shine and find a voice you never thought possible. Because A New Woman Today believes in helping every woman RISE by inspiring others and helping you overcome any obstacle in your way, while uniting like minded woman like you and empower every woman to RISE.

So BE A New Woman Today.



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